Holiday Stressors

It’s supposed to be “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” but a calendar filled with social engagements, shopping for presents and endless errands can leave even the most spirited individual emotionally drained.

If you are overwhelmed by your to-do list and have not been feeling like yourself lately, take an anonymous mental health or alcohol screening online by visiting: and click on the ONLINE MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING BUTTON on right side of the site.

You’ll receive immediate, customized feedback as well as the opportunity to schedule an appointment for further evaluation if necessary.

Some helpful hints to help you manage the holiday season:

• Set realistic goals. Plan ahead, shop and make travel plans early and pace yourself. This will help decrease last-minute anxiety.
• Don’t do everything on your own. Get everyone in the family to help with holiday tasks.
• Scale down your expectations.
• Manage your time and make sure you leave extra time for last minute changes or crises.
• Try to relax. Deep breathing exercises, relaxation tapes, and gentle yoga are some techniques that may help you.
• Exercise. If you already have a regular exercise routine, maintain it through the holidays.
• Monitor your feelings and share them with a good friend. Even a quick phone call or email exchange can help you feel better.

The experts at the Ben Gordon Center are here to help.  To talk to a counselor or set up an appointment, please call 815-756-4875.  You can also send us an email or “Like” our facebook page to get daily inspirations and BGC Center updates.

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